Asia Cambodia Law Group (ACLG) organized its first session of series training on “Security Mechanism Regarding Loan Facilities in the Financial Institution”, at its Head Office, on 21 August, 2015, presided by Mrs. Seng Vuoch Hun, the president and founder of ACLG, presented by Ms. Phay Chantha, Head Office Manager, and facilitated by Mrs. Peou Chinda, General Manager. The training was conducted with the participation of the financial institutions carrying on their business in Cambodia such as Banks, Microfinance Institutions and Private Companies. The training has been launched for three objectives.



Firstly, the purpose of this training is to share the knowledge with the financial institutions operated their transactions in the Kingdom of Cambodia, on the general notion of security mechanisms, which are applied in their institutions respectively. Secondly, the training aims to call the participants’ attention to notice how important the validity and asserting conditions are, and why they need to respect these conditions in practicing their loan and security transaction as the secured creditors. Last but not least, the training provided them the chance to raise their issues they have met during the practicing loan and security mechanisms in order to get the clarification from our experts.


The outcome of this training was meaningful and fruitful toward the practices of loan and security which helps the participants understand and get familiar with the legal means regarding loan and the security mechanism in their daily works. Due to the result and feedback evaluated by the participants, it is believed that this training spread obviously its advantages in the field of loan and security. “The preparation, presentation and question and answer session have been considered as highly professional”, said the participants. ACLG has strongly believed putting our efforts in this training to lead the perfect to perfection, and our professional team is planning to bring the next topic which will be more beneficial in the shortly upcoming training operated in our head office.


Here are some photos during the training.