Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

The M&A Practice Group has extensive experience in advising domestic and foreign companies on various types of mergers and acquisitions transactions. The Group advises on all aspects of M&A matters providing guidance to clients from the earliest stages of negotiations to the final steps of a successful closing. Such a full suite of services includes advisory services with respect to deal structuring, due diligence, execution of bids and offers, and drafting relevant agreements. The Group also works closely with our Corporate General Practice Group and other practice groups in order to provide a comprehensive and fully integrated range of legal services to our clients prior to and after the closing of transactions.


Foreign direct investment has been one of ACLG’s core strengths since the founding of the firm. Throughout the years, we have guided and advised foreign clients on a broad range of investment issues, ranging from the establishment of joint ventures between domestic and foreign companies, foreign investment regulations in Cambodia, foreign acquisition of real property in Cambodia, and various tax, and administrative matters.

Oversea Investment

ACLG has a long history of successfully advising domestic clients as they expand into overseas markets. As the Cambodian market matures, the need and appetite for outbound investment grow stronger, and successful outbound investments require an in-depth understanding of the local laws and regulations of the target jurisdiction. In order to achieve success, the contribution of skilled and trustworthy local counsel is critical. ACLG’s comprehensive and far-reaching network of elite international firms allows it to be ideally positioned to assist clients in their globalization efforts. With our global experience, outlook, and relationships, ACLG offers the best possible support for clients looking to enter into and invest in overseas markets. 

Private Equity – Venture Capital

The Private Equity and Venture Capital Practice Group has a wealth of experience in private equity and venture capital investments, financings, and exits. The Group has advised top-tier domestic and foreign funds on the entire spectrum of private equity matters, ranging from fund formation, investments, management, operation, and liquidation. The Group’s expertise and experience in advising private equity and venture capital entities are unmatched. It has a reputation for being able to understand the commercial and business objectives of the client. Expertise in structuring investments, financings, and exits are complemented by industry experience ensuring that its advice is commercial and relevant.

Corporate General

The Corporate General Practice Group offers an extensive range of legal services to its clients in order to advise such clients on the various legal issues that may arise in the course of doing business in Cambodia as well as abroad. As the go-to firm for major domestic and international companies, the Group is equipped to advise clients on general civil and commercial matters, foreign exchange issues, criminal prosecution matters, antitrust issues, labor and employment issues, financial regulations, and other industry-specific laws and regulations. The Group also has specialists in various specialized sectors such as retail, cosmetics, energy and resources, chemicals, and finance, which allow it to provide relevant and commercial legal advice and solutions for its clients. 

Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance Practice Group provides a full range of legal advisory services relating to corporate management and governance matters of our corporate clients, including matters relating to fiduciary duties of directors and officers, board composition and governance procedures, disclosure requirements, risk management, and internal control systems. As the regulatory climate for corporate governance matters becomes stricter, it has never been more important for management to comprehensively address internal legal risks ahead of time. 

Insolvency · Corporate Restructuring 

Given that one of the primary objectives of bankruptcy, corporate restructuring, and business reorganization cases is to mediate legal relations among debtors, creditors, stakeholders, and other interested parties, drawing up filings and interpreting and applying the relevant law is often not enough to successfully resolve the complex issues involved. Rather, these cases must be approached in a comprehensive manner with in-depth experience in relevant fields. The Insolvency & Corporate Restructuring Practice Group recognizes the unique aspects of each case and understands the impact of securities law, the general practice, and rules of financial and trust systems, the policies of relevant government agencies, the judicial trends applicable to similar cases, and the past, present, and future operational and financial status of the particular companies involved. The Group is committed to providing high-quality expert and commercial advice.

Labor – Employment

The Labor and Employment Practice Group is a stand-alone practice group comprised of professionals dedicated to advising on all aspects of labor and employment-related issues. The Group has a wealth of knowledge and experience in advising on individual and collective labor relationships, due diligence, workforce restructuring, trade secrets, employment discrimination, employment disputes, internal investigations and audits, administrative proceedings, employment policies, and agreements and compensation and benefits. The scope and depth of the Group allow it to handle the clients’ labor and employment needs in a comprehensive and efficient manner. In-depth knowledge of legal issues is complemented with practical experience allowing the Group to formulate creative and strategic advice. 


The Finance Practice Group has been at the forefront of Cambodia’s banking and finance, capital markets, and financial services industry, and the Group’s achievements are epitomized by its landmark transactions and its contribution to the fabric of the relevant laws and policies. Whether it is assisting clients in accessing global capital markets to fund their projects or to make an investment in an alternative investment class somewhere in the world, the Group offers innovative and problem-solving solutions to the complex issues facing financial institutions, borrowers, investors, and regulatory authorities. 

Financial Industry Regulation

The Financial Industry Regulation Practice Group provides comprehensive and in-depth advice on Cambodia’s regulatory requirements applicable to a wide array of financial transactions and institutions. The Group has a dedicated team primarily focusing on financial regulations, especially the distinguished expertise in handling criminal, regulatory and supervisory inquiries and actions including regulatory investigations of price manipulation, insider trading, accounting fraud and other unfair actions in the capital markets. The Group also assists clients in navigating complex regulations relating to licensing and approvals, and regulatory and compliance-related requirements.

Banking and Finance

The Banking and Finance Practice Group has a stellar reputation. It has been and remains the leading practice in Cambodia. The Group is comprised of specialized groups that focus on specific banking and finance practices. Whether it be general banking, project finance, acquisition finance, SOCs, PPPs, asset finance (ship and aircraft), asset management, or funds, the Group has unrivaled experience and expertise in all areas of banking and finance across various industries. With over 30 lawyers dedicated to just banking and finance matters, the Group has the depth and experience to provide the most expert and commercial advice.

Capital Finance

The Capital Markets Practice Group is a pioneer. Unique transactions in Cambodia’s capital markets history are its hallmark. The Group is a leader in complex capital markets transactions and is known for its intellectual depth and industry insight. In the areas of securitization, DCM, ECM, and derivatives, the Group is unmatched. Not only can the Group advise on the most complicated and complex structured transactions, but it can also advise on vanilla transactions efficiently. It has over 30 lawyers dedicated to these capital markets matters, working with other practice groups on a regular basis.

Litigation . Criminal Defense

The Litigation and Criminal Defense Practice Group is comprised of many former judges and prosecutors, allowing it to bring to any dispute a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the perspective of the Courts and the Prosecutors’ Office. The Group is unique in that it is divided into specialized practice groups focusing on areas that affect our clients, such as tax, administrative actions, antitrust, construction, real estate, securities, finance, trusts, M&A, general corporate, corporate rehabilitation, IP, trade secrets, product liability, and criminal defense. These specialized practice groups ensure that the Group as a whole gives clients access to the most relevant experts to any specific circumstances. The Group is renowned for its outstanding track record and is capable of serving clients in the most complex litigation as well as providing innovative and practical solutions to matters prior to any litigation.

Construction . Real Estate

The Construction and Real Estate Practice Group provide comprehensive legal advice on the full range of real estate-related matters including real estate investment and development, real estate funds, project financing, and trust. The Group has experience not only in Cambodia but through its network of law firms around the world, the Group has advised on some of the largest and most complex real estate matters around the world. The Group is comprised of expert lawyers who work closely to provide comprehensive interdisciplinary advice and solutions to Cambodian and global clients.

International Dispute Resolution

The International Dispute Resolution Practice Group has represented clients in a wide range of international disputes including those involving energy, construction, shipping, finance, infrastructure, national security, and investor-state disputes. Clients have access to one of the most respected dispute resolution practice groups in Cambodia with professionals who have extensive experience in representing clients in international arbitrations.

The Group prides itself in being able to identify the opposing side’s vulnerabilities and constructing creative approaches, whether it be specific tactics or settlement solutions. This comprehensive expertise achieves exceptional results for clients in matters dealing with complex, high-value international arbitrations, in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible. Above all, the Group strives to resolve disputes in a manner that truly addresses clients’ concerns and advances their commercial and strategic objectives, while at the same time minimizing any disruption to the business.

Antitrust . Competition

The Antitrust and Competition Practice Group offers advocacy and counseling concerning all areas of Cambodian antitrust law as well as other laws enforced by the Fair Trade Commission. The Group has the largest team of dedicated antitrust specialists in Cambodia with over lawyers who are committed entirely to the firm’s antitrust practice. The Group is complemented by the largest number of CCF alumni lawyers of any law firm, all of whom have extensive expertise in antitrust law and deep familiarity with CCF enforcement practice. Advising clients on various operational issues, such as merger filings, management structure reform, and compliance system audits is one of the Group’s core strengths. The Group has also gained a strong reputation for defending clients in CCF investigations, including on-site investigations and hearings, and representing clients in administrative appeals.

International Trade . Customs

ACLG has been the leading light in Cambodia’s international trade practice for more than 10 years. Our International Trade and Customs Practice Group are comprised of lawyers, certified public accountants, licensed customs brokers, and other professionals with decades of extensive experience. The Group’s expertise covers all areas of international trade, including trade disputes, economic sanctions and export controls, trade remedy (e.g., anti-dumping) investigations, customs, negotiation, and implementation of bilateral and multilateral international treaties and general trade services. In particular, the Group boasts an unparalleled success record and expertise in Cambodia on disputes governed by public international law, including WTO disputes and investment arbitration. Market observers and clients also praise our expertise in conventional areas of trade practice such as economic sanctions, trade remedies, and customs matters.


The Tax Practice Group advises on all tax-related matters. It is a stand-alone specialist group that advises on domestic and international tax issues, tax planning, legislative consulting, representation in tax audits, pre-assessment, administrative adjudication, tax litigation, and tax crimes. The Group is comprised of specialized tax professionals, including attorneys, certified public accountants, and former tax officials with hands-on experience in government agencies such as the National Tax Service, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, and the National Customs Service. By combining its expertise in legal and tax/accounting, the Group provides a seamless service to clients across various industries and all areas of tax.

Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property Practice Group provides a full range of IP services from applications for and registration of patents, trademarks, designs, and utility models, filing of opinions, objections, and patent trials to litigation. The Group draws from a large pool of lawyers who have broad industry experience and education relevant to IP-related issues. To cope with the ever-changing business environment in the areas of copyright, telecommunications, trade secrets, product liability, and IT, we provide a “one-stop” service, representing clients through negotiations, legal risk assessment, and litigation to enforcement. Our depth of understanding, experience, and up-to-date industry expertise allow us to offer comprehensive and effective solutions to various IP-related issues and work with clients in the most efficient manner possible to achieve outstanding results.