Practice Areas

1. Corporate and Commercial Registration

Over the years, legal form of business enterprises and corporate entities has been remarkably diversified in Cambodia after the Law on Commercial Enterprises became effective in 2005. Both local and foreign investors become more interested in the potential opportunities of doing business in Cambodia with the freedom of corporate formation in a form of legal entity matching their business objectives and nature. With practical knowledge of the law and the diversity of business forms, our legal team provides a legal service focusing on corporate and commercial registration which includes advising clients on appropriate company form, drafting or reviewing Memorandum of Incorporation (Articles of Association), processing company registration, business license/permit application, corporate tax registration and annual patent tax certificate application, filing modification of Memorandum of Incorporation or change of Board of Directors or Shareholders, merger and acquisition, company closing or status declaration (voluntary closure, bankruptcy or insolvency) and tax clearance. Our team has extensive experience on working with concerned Institutions such as Ministry of Commerce, Tax Administration and Council for Development of Cambodia (CDC), which help acquire timely service for our clients.

2. Banking and Financial Transactions

With over a decade of experience in dealing with complex banking and financial matters with commercial banks, specialized banks, Micro-Finance institutions, and Financial Leasing Companies, our legal advisors and practitioners offer clients with strong and practical legal advice and assistance on legal conditions and application for banking or financial institution operation license from the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC), help draft or review loan and security contracts for banks/financial institutions to assure that they are in compliance with Cambodian laws and regulations, assist with inbound and outbound funds transfer or remittance of business profit, and advise on transfer of shareholding in banks or financial institutions, accessing or granting secured financing based on movable or immovable property, restructuring of loan and debt collection, processing loan and security documents, registering of collateral (movable or immovable property) with competent authorities, and seeking enforcement of security in case of default.

3. Real Estate and Construction

With the rapid expansion and growth of real estate development and construction sector in Cambodia, we advise or assist clients in all aspects of real estate related issues including drafting or reviewing land/house sale and purchase agreement and long-term/perpetual lease agreement, processing transactional documents and property ownership transfer with local authorities and Cadastral Administration, application for registering hypothec (mortgage), pledge or perpetual lease on property title certificate and Land Register, conducting due diligence survey on complex real estate site, title and burden search and filing legal documents for real estate transactions. Our team also focuses on providing legal advice to foreign clients on how to legally and securely use or acquire land and apartments in Cambodia. A part from this, we advise our clients on matters related to construction business requirements and practice in Cambodia, and provide legal service on processing for construction permits and real estate development license with the with Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

4. Intellectual Properties (Trademark, trade-name, industrial design, innovative patent, utility model certificate, copyrights)

Our Intellectual Properties practice focus on offering our clients with ingenious solution to protect their innovative invention, design, and artistic work against infringement, counterfeiting and plagiarism to assure that our clients can profit from their work and investment without a fear of misappropriation or unfair competition by others, by filing application for registration of their intellectual properties with competent institutions (Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Handicraft, and Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts).

5. Movable Property and Secured Transactions

With increasing use and popularity of financing based on movable property, our legal team advises or assist clients on how to use their movable asset to access credit from banks, financial institutions or individual money lender through Pledge over movable property, Security by Transfer, and other forms of Secured Transactions. Secured Transaction can be created over tangible or intangible movable property with or without filing notice of the transactions. Our legal team focuses on advising clients on secured transaction mechanisms available in Cambodia, drafting or reviewing secured transaction contracts, filing notice of secured transaction with competent institutions to perfect and protect the security interest right of our clients in accordance with the Law on Secured Transactions or the new Civil Code.

6. Labor and Industrial Relations

Our Labor and Industrial Relations practice focuses on advising clients in all aspects of Labor Law and regulations, reviewing the clients’ company HR/personnel policies/internal regulations and employment contracts and practice to assure that they are not against public policies stipulated in the Labor Law, advising on the legal and regulatory requirements for hiring national and foreign labor forces and on labor registrations with the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training including initial and subsequent enterprise registration, annual quota application, work book and work permit application, internal regulations registration, and shop-steward recognition.

7. Civil and Commercial Matters

Our practice focuses on advising clients on all aspects of civil and commercial matters which relates to family patrimony, succession, testament, neighbor dispute, perpetual/long term lease, commercial lease, financial lease, commercial contract, franchise contract etc. Our efficient intervention and pertinent counsel help our clients solve their problem and dispute relating to civil and commercial matter.

8. Family and Marriage

Our legal team handles all types of family matter from legal marriage to separation and divorce, spousal property contract, post-divorce property division, spousal alimony, child alimony and custody.. Our sensible and responsive team helps guide our clients through all of legal and practical options to archiving the best result for them and their family.

9. Investment (Processing Investment Permit & Due Diligence)

With richness of natural resources, low-cost and motivated labor force, simplified and more investor-friendly procedure, and advantage of investment incentives and other tax-related benefits offered to Qualified Investment Projects (QIPs) under the Law on Investment, Cambodia is a targeted country for foreign investors. Our legal team has developed strong network and capacity to provide  clients practical legal advice on how to obtain investment permit and QIP status from the Council for Development of Cambodia (CDC), and concerned institutions for both public and private investments. We have numerous legal advisors with good knowledge of investment issues to help us provide investment due diligence advice to clients, process application for investment permit and give customized and explicit explanation on investment incentive and other tax-related benefits of QIPs.

10. Contracts (Negotiate, Draft, Review Translate and Certify)

We have massive experiences in negotiating, drafting, reviewing and translating contracts with complex situations involving civil, commercial/trade, investment, loan, and company matters. Our legal team is very responsive to our client’s concern and issues.  We also provide lawyer witnessing or certification on contracts in accordance with local practice.

11. Commercial & Labor Disputes (Represent Clients at Court and Arbitration Proceedings)

Our President is both commercial and labor arbitrator who has extensive experience in resolving commercial and labor disputes. We are very familiar with these kinds of dispute resolution processes. We assist clients in all steps of disputes resolution process including negotiating solution, drafting settlement agreement, and advising or defending in Labor or Commercial Arbitration proceedings and in challenging and seeking enforcement of arbitral order and award with the competent court.

12. Litigation (Represent/Defend Clients in Civil & Criminal Cases)

We provide not only the service for commercial and labor disputes resolution, but also for defending our clients in civil and criminal cases before the competent court. Our associate lawyers receive professional, timely and efficient support from our legal advisors and officers in  legal research, case memo preparation and oral defend at the court sessions. We also provide practical advice to our clients on litigation issue in order to ensure the best interest of the clients is protected.

13. Security and Stock Exchange

We have a comprehensive understanding on Cambodian Law on Securities and the mechanisms in which securities can be transacted. We advise business entities, banks and securities holders seeking to sell their stock and securities to raise investment capital from the public about legal conditions and procedures for obtaining license for listing in the Security Market, for Initial Public Offering (IPOs) and other subsequent steps toward selling their securities, and representing them in all steps of securities selling procedure with concerned institutions.

14. Taxation

When investors, both international and domestic, start their business, the first question that is usually asked by them is what kind of tax that will affect their business. With our tax specialized advisors and experienced legal officers, we are capable to provide precise answer to this question. Our taxation practice focuses on providing legal advice to clients on all kind of business and property related to taxes for doing business in Cambodia, from the business setting up stage to expansion, merger and acquisition, moving business location and closing of business.