Corporate General

The Corporate General Practice Group offers an extensive range of legal services to its clients in order to advise such clients on the various legal issues that may arise in the course of doing business in Cambodia as well as abroad. As the go-to firm for major domestic and international companies, the Group is equipped to advise clients on general civil and commercial matters, foreign exchange issues, criminal prosecution matters, antitrust issues, labor and employment issues, financial regulations, and other industry-specific laws and regulations. The Group also has specialists in various specialized sectors such as retail, cosmetics, energy and resources, chemicals, and finance, which allow it to provide relevant and commercial legal advice and solutions for its clients. 

Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance Practice Group provides a full range of legal advisory services relating to corporate management and governance matters of our corporate clients, including matters relating to fiduciary duties of directors and officers, board composition and governance procedures, disclosure requirements, risk management, and internal control systems. As the regulatory climate for corporate governance matters becomes stricter, it has never been more important for management to comprehensively address internal legal risks ahead of time. 

Insolvency · Corporate Restructuring 

Given that one of the primary objectives of bankruptcy, corporate restructuring, and business reorganization cases is to mediate legal relations among debtors, creditors, stakeholders, and other interested parties, drawing up filings and interpreting and applying the relevant law is often not enough to successfully resolve the complex issues involved. Rather, these cases must be approached in a comprehensive manner with in-depth experience in relevant fields. The Insolvency & Corporate Restructuring Practice Group recognizes the unique aspects of each case and understands the impact of securities law, the general practice, and rules of financial and trust systems, the policies of relevant government agencies, the judicial trends applicable to similar cases, and the past, present, and future operational and financial status of the particular companies involved. The Group is committed to providing high-quality expert and commercial advice.

Labor · Employment 

The Labor and Employment Practice Group is a stand-alone practice group comprised of professionals dedicated to advising on all aspects of labor and employment-related issues. The Group has a wealth of knowledge and experience in advising on individual and collective labor relationships, due diligence, workforce restructuring, trade secrets, employment discrimination, employment disputes, internal investigations and audits, administrative proceedings, employment policies, and agreements and compensation and benefits. The scope and depth of the Group allow it to handle the clients’ labor and employment needs in a comprehensive and efficient manner. In-depth knowledge of legal issues is complemented with practical experience allowing the Group to formulate creative and strategic advice.