President’s Message

Dear Valued Clients and Partners,

Following the global financial crisis triggered by sub-prime mortgaged loan in the United States of America, the world economy is still experiencing financial setback severely affecting prospects of equitable and sustainable development. We see how vulnerable businesses can be, especially without informed legal advice and consultations. The words “creditability, accountability, and reliability” are among the key principles that long-term businesses and investments need to re-value. Big corporations, banks, financial institutions and businesses start to invest in quality information and professional legal consultation to minimize and mitigate potential risks and future losses.

The world is changing constantly and presently the investors worldwide are eyeing on Asia and Africa for production bases, resources and markets. They build more cooperation and diplomatic relations with developing countries such as Cambodia and other ASEAN members while facing with the so-called weak rules of law and judicial systems. Such developing economy has great potentials in providing both competitive production resources such as labor and natural resources and potential for expanding the markets for their finished and semi-finished products. Sound, reliable, and informed legal advice and defense are what existing and prospective investors resort to rely on.
Our key clients are from different business sectors and different parts of the world. They include banking and financial institutions, Real Estates and Construction companies, Investment companies as well as those from beverage and garment industries such as brewery, text-tile and footwear factories.

ACLG has a team of dynamic legal professionals with combined qualifications, experiences, expertise and professional integrity who stand ready to help advising and protecting lawful interests of the clients and investors in a number of practice areas. Our focus practice areas are Corporate and Commercial Registrations, Banking and Financial Transactions, Real Estates and Construction, Intellectual Properties (trademark, trade-name, industrial design, innovative patent, utility model certificate, and copy rights), movable property and secured transactions, labor and industrial relations, civil and criminal matters, family and marriage, investment (processing investment permit & due diligence), contracts (negotiate, draft, review, translate and certify), commercial and labor disputes (represent clients at court and arbitration proceedings), litigations (represent/defend clients in civil & commercial cases), security and stock exchange, and taxation. We live here and know how successful businesses are operating. We have licensed lawyers, legal advisors, and experienced legal and administrative assistants who have built and maintained productive network with relevant governmental and private institutions to speed up our clients’ work in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We, ACLG, are ready to serve and work with you on legal matters within the scope of our practice areas and are looking forward to see you at our head office or provincial branch office closest and most convenient to you. If you have legal questions or concerns, we help find answer or best solutions. Your success, satisfaction or well-being is our honor and happiness. For any further enquiry about our firm or/and services, please visit our office, email or call to consult with us.


Best Wishes,

Seng Vuoch Hun
ACLG Founder & President