Vision, Values and Principle

1. Vision

Cambodia is smoothly and fairly integrated into ASEAN Economic Community as well as Asian and Global Communities, ruled by fair laws, governed by truly democratic leaders with term limits, and served by responsive and transparent public service providers, professional and independent judges and arbitrators, contributed by socially accountable investors, and defended by capable and ethical lawyers.

2. Goals

  • Provide legal training, support, advice and advocacy attributing to fair rules, good governance, justice and sustainable peace in Cambodia, ASEAN community and the world at large.
  • Assist and protect lawful interests of clients and investors without any discrimination.
  • Provide and promote alternative disputes resolution (ADR) services such commercial or labor disputes settlement negotiation, conciliation or arbitration.
  • Provide opportunities for law students/graduates and student lawyers to gain legal research and advocacy knowledge and skills through internship.

3. Values

We live to share and share to live with respect, solution-oriented, ethically-minded, and professionalism.

4. Principles

We adhere in our legal practice and service delivery the principles of integrity, independence, quality, efficiency and best interests of our clients, partners and social groups we represent and advocate for.

  • Approaches Respect

We actively listen to the views and concerns of our clients, partners and beneficiaries and respect their values and belief, while offering our humble and professional legal support and advice. We believe that in order to deliver quality and responsive services to our clients and protect their long-term and immediate best lawful interests, valuing individuality and respecting all of our in-house and associate lawyers, advisors, consultants, legal and administrative support staff is the key to success. Satisfaction of our members and partners would eventually yield the satisfaction of our clients and beneficiaries. Through our respect, we gain back the respect and trust from those we serve and work with.

  • Solution-Oriented

Once problems presented to us, our approach to solving them is that we strongly believe every problem has its own solution and our team always commits to finding acceptable and long-lasting solutions through prevention, ADR or litigation. We treat any difficulty or challenge as an opportunity to prove our skills and capacity. We build good relationship with relevant government and private institutions and legal practitioners and stand ready to protect the best interest of our clients and beneficiaries. Also we are fully aware of the fact that some problems require flexibility for specific contextual necessities.

  • Ethically-Minded

While we focus on delivering acceptable and long-lasting solutions to our clients’ concerns and issues, our discussion, actions and decisions are always guided by ethical consideration and adherence. We do our best to ensure that our clients’ interests are in line with local social norms and cultures for long-term existence and success of clients as well as our firm. We also provide to some extent free legal counseling and support through our role in the Arbitration council, and representation in collective labor dispute cases among other pro-bono service.

  • Professionalism

Confidentiality and privacy of clients is critical to our counseling and litigation services and it is a life and death matter for our firm. We make sure the Codes of Conduct for legal professions are strictly followed and adhered so that the best interest of our clients can be ensured or protected and their trust is earned and maintained. Our lawyers obtain licenses from the Bar to practice legal profession at the court and handle critical or sensitive cases as a team with support from expert advisors.

5. Our Commitments

In delivery of our services, our team commit as following:

  • Deliver high quality of legal and associated services to all clients in and outside Cambodia.
  • Strive to achieve results that may exceed our clients’ expectations by exploring options which best advance clients’ interests  and maximizing added value to their lives, careers or/and business.
  • Adhere to standards of excellence, diligence, efficiency and integrity.
  • Provide our clients with pragmatic legal services, clear and precise explanation of the relevant rules and legal procedures, alternative dispute resolution options, and consequences thereof.
  • At our best assessment, inform our clients the probabilities of success and failure on each alternative in a fair and reasonable manner, and keep them posted of all their cases’ developments and progresses.
  • Increase our potential and capacity to satisfy the current needs of our existing clients and anticipating their future needs.
  • Do our best to make the clients feel welcome, cared for and confident in our services.
  • Promote our reputation and image, both in Cambodia and externally, in term of our legal advice, representation, ethical and professional conducts with full adherence to the Law on the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Codes of Conduct for Lawyers.
  • Protect our clients’ trade secret and confidential information from unlawful or unauthorized disclose.
  • Perform legal and relevant services in timely manner and be always accessible when our clients need our assistance and advice.
  • Stay abreast of technology and legal framework development that provide up-to-date legal services to our clients.

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